Book review of The Legend Of Buratai


Book review of The Legend Of Buratai

Title of Book   – The Legend of Buratai
Author.           –   Abubakar M.S
Reviewer.      –   Moses Uyang
Publisher.       – Sprezzatura Publishing
Number of Chapters – Seven
Number of Pages – 104
ISBN  –  978-978-973-606-5


Abubakar Mohammed Sani, PhD, an exceptionally gifted journalist and writer presents to Nigeria and the world, a classic book of fiction that talks about a patriotic Army General – Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai.The Legend of Burataiis a novel of seven (7) chapters and has ninety (90) pages. Each of these chapters and pages are so richly engaging and informative from start to finish. This is a book written by a courageous Civilian for a courageous General.

The author skillfully begins the book with a poem that portrays might of a warrior by LTC Stephen H. White assisted by Col. Francis X. Bradley and SP4 Howard. This style surely set the tune for a rewarding read.

Chapter one talks about the name Tukur which means extraordinary. It is the first name of the major character in this book. However, most people simply call him by his surname which is Buratai. This chapter tries to show how often than not, great people come to be known by a specific name. And in this case, Buratai is that name on the lips of many. This chapter also presents the very first motivation that doctored the path of this legend into becoming an Army Officer – A tale of meeting the right people in the journey of life.

In the second chapter, we see the educational background of the legend, Buratai, his various promotions in the Army and the awards for excellence he gets. As you carefully follow his promotions, you quickly realize that what the legend is today has a root that in itself is a story.

Moving on to chapter three which talks about Buratai as a village in Biu kingdom. Here, the author presents important historical information on the village called Buratai in Northeast Nigeria.  On the other hand, chapter four of this book shows us the settlers of Buratai and their rich cultural resources and attachment to their sages. This chapter mentions an interesting prophecy by a sage about three great men emanating from Babur Bura in Biu kingdom every 100 years after his death. He dies in 1560, so 1660, 1760 and 1960 and may be 2060. These dates surprising have links with the existence of the legend in this book.

Furthermore in chapter five, here, the author talks about the father of the Legend Buratai who is a soldier, World War II veteran and a non-commissioned officer in the Royal West African Frontier Force. He shows us the power of father andchild connections.

Chapter six is a call to all to serve and build our country Nigeria. Here, the chapter presents a strong exhortation against anyone being part and parcel of insurgency. This chapter also has a segment it calls ‘Last Words’. This is like the Christian Book of Proverbs.

Finally, the last chapter which is the seventh is a glossary of all vital words in the book. This is carefully put to teach anyone who cares to improve his or her lexicon.

I will strongly recommend this book for every young Nigerian as well as adults who enjoys reading refreshing pieces of art.


The reviewer of this book The Legend of Buratai, Moses A. Uyang is the author of the book The Trek as well as some other online articles and poems. He has a degree in English and Literature in English from The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya. He also holds a Diploma in Religious Studies from Marist International University College, Nairobi, Kenya. He is a Humanitarian worker.


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