South Sudan:Africa, why?


South Sudan:Africa, why?

Yusuf Tilde


Why must we do this to ourselves, killing our own people until others beg us to stop by kissing the feet of our tormentors?
Yesterday, I wept when I saw the pictures of the Pope kissing the feet of Southern Sudanese leaders and asking them to stop killing their people. Haba. Haba jama’a!
The white often say the African can be intelligent but he is most of the times stupid, meaning he hardly sees reason. He has ears that cannot listen, eyes that cannot see and mind that cannot reason. Our leaders in the way they lead us – and ourselves in the way we run our lives – do very little to dispell that notion, wallahi. 
May be that is why the Pope was not contented by speaking only. “As a brother, I beg you to stop,” he said, kissing the feet of each of the three Southern Sudanese leaders.
Please, brothers and sisters, let us have some compassion for oursleves. Those among you that will be our future leaders must promise themselves not to be this bad. Even our country – with the ongoing killings – does not seem to be far from the mindset of Southern Sudanese leaders. The problem of Africans seems generic.
Europe was also like this in its dark days. Most of the nations were spending half of their time in wars, mostly of religion. At a point they reason and stopped. Finally, they even have union today. Why must Africa take eternity to press the stop button?

The Pope kissing the feet of President Salfa Kir of South Sudan,pleading with him and his deputy to end all hostilities in South Sudan that is destroying the lives of their people

I did not know at all that Southern Sudan will descend this low when in the spirit of brotherhood and liberty I joined them in celebrating their independence from the domination of their northern Arabs and twenty years of struggle. I did not know that it will tread the path of Congo and so many others. I thought its leaders have learnt from them. But I was wrong amd I know there are people that will be laughing at me as they read this.
Let us see if they have listened to their highest spiritual authority on upholding the agrement they signed perchance their people will enjoy peace and the nation will prosper.
As a brother, I continue to wish them well.


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