1. There are strong indications that the economy will have a rough ride in many countries of the world and Nigeria will not be different. If care is not taken, a repeat of last year’s delay in the passing of the budget will repeat itself and prices of food items and consumables will rise. To survive and thrive in 2019, one must remain optimistic and maintain a positive attitude.
  2. There will be political violence in some parts of Nigeria and most of this violence will be instigated or supported by politicians to achieve personal gains or settle personal scores. This will make government security agents to be overstretched beyond capacity.
  3. The ruling APC will win in Borno,Yobe, and possibly Adamawa with landslide victory.
  4. The main opposition party, PDP will likely win in Bauchi, Taraba and Gombe states.
  5. The APC will also win in the north central states of Kano,Katsina,Kaduna and Kebbi. The situation is dicey in Sokoto and Zamfara states.
  6. President Mohammadu Buhari will eventually pay ransom money to get Leah Sharibu released from her kidnappers after which they will swing into action and kidnap another set of students in the northeast.
  7. Boko Haram terrorists group will intensify their attacks because of the kind of support they will receive from politicians and shady business men and women. War economists will gather like vultures to profiteer from the $1 billion released for the purchase of defense equipment.
  8. Some people are making frantic efforts to reconcile President Buhari with people like General T.Y Danjuma and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. There is no indication that this re-conciliatory move will succeed or yield any positive result.
  9. The February Presidential elections will most likely go for a second round between the APC and the PDP and regardless of whoever wins the election, the looser will cry foul.
  10. Politicians in the opposition will employ the use of armed thugs and militia groups because they reckoned that the APC may likely use government security agents to intimidate and coax them.The PDP will give the APC the toughest fight an opposition party has ever given to a ruling party in the history of Africa.


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