General Buratai deserves commendation,peace building is a collective effort


General Buratai deserves commendation,peace building is a collective effort

Ibrahim M.A,Abraham Sule (Abuja)

Mrs. Maryam Abacha,former First-lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and widow of the late Head of State,General Sani Abacha granted an exclusive interview to the Northeast Star magazine wherein the septuagenarian and head of the Abacha family spoke on matters relating to peace building,religious tolerance,her family,philosophy of life and the need to examine our ways and stop what she called senseless killings across Nigeria.
“You know why I said it’s senseless killings?…Those that are killing people! Are they not Nigerians? Even if they said some of them are foreigners most of them are Nigerians.Then those that are being killed,most of them innocent women and children are they not Nigerians?The soldiers that are being killed or injured ,are they not Nigerians?Then what is the gain? We are killing each other for reasons that I am yet to fathom out.I think we need to get to the root of this matter,to know the reason why this is happening so that we can apply the right medication to the disease.,” said Mrs. Abacha.
The former first-lady said that both Abba Suleiman who she refer to as ADC Abba and Lt. General T.Y Buratai worked with her while she was in the Villa. “I can vividly remember when the two gentlemen were to be decorated with new ranks and I was asked to do that for them… I told them one day you will be a General and look at it.Today Buratai is an Infantry General ; Abba who also became the Inspector General of the Police.I believe in the Nigerian Army’s integrity,professionalism and competence.We have had numerous Army Chiefs and all of them have dealt with various security challenges they met with while in office.As for General Buratai it was principally the Boko Haram insurgency and I think he has provided good leadership for the Army to confront and deal with them.I know him as a true Nigerian and a gallant soldier who has the best interest of Nigeria at his heart.He is doing his best and all Nigerians should support him and the Army to keep this country safe.”
When asked about how she was able to build what is today the National Hospital within 9 months,Mrs. Abacha said that it was because she has zero tolerance on corruption and mismanagement. “There was no room for corruption under me.I know what I wanted and I have a time line for it. We contracted Arab Contractors after an appeal fund but when I discovered that some people who claimed to be close to me were sabotaging the work I terminated the contract and gave it to Julius Berger.It was JB that executed the work with the meager resources that we raised at the appeal fund although my husband later supported us with resources to complete it.”
The complete interview will be published next-week.


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