My Development Agenda For Borno,In Brief-Hon. Babagana Tijjani Banki


My Development Agenda For Borno,In Brief-Hon. Babagana Tijjani Banki

I am Babagana Tijjani Banki, a politician and a businessman.My involvement in politics for the past two decades has all through been fueled by my innately cultured philanthropy  and an undying passion to touch lives positively.As an experienced politician who had been in the legislative sphere of politics at national level for twelve (12) years and currently serving my second term as Energy and Housing Commissioner under the able and commendable leadership of our intelligent,vibrant, hard-working and altruistic Governor His Excellency Gov.Kashim Shettima, I strongly believe i have the legislative and executive experience of and on how government and governance ‘is’ and ‘should’ be steered.

Having carefully observed the technocrat-oriented good leadership of the incumbent governor, I, in the spirit of consolidating on the greatly achieved success made by him and in the will to advance upon, outline the following as my key agenda if given the mandate come 2019:

(1) Education:- Gov. Kashim Shettima’s administration has been active and effective on manpower and infrastructural aspect of our educational sector.Building upon that, what is needed to be enhanced is the technical capacity and welfare of our teachers for the fullest growth of the sector.

(2)Youth Empowerment:-The government of the day has also done marvellously well in the area of Youth Empowerment extending greatly to even youths inclusion in governance.Hence, succeeding administration should focus on maintaining the tempo in a manner that submits to wind of amelioration.

(3) Special Intervention Initiative (SII) will be brought to existence as a capacitated agency for our local governments particularly to IDps, businessmen and women whose fortunes were drained in the course of the insurgency.In other words,there will be decentralization of state resources in a way that will aggressively counter grassroots economic issues.

(4) Security:-It is quite conspicuous that Gov. Kashim Shettima is effectively complementing the unrelenting efforts of the Buhari-led administration in this sensitive and indispensable regard.Thus, steadfastness and further continuous determination to protect lives and properties remains the utmost priority of any responsive and responsible government, in which our goals are tailored towards achieving at all reasonable cost.

NB: Other aspects of life such as agriculture, industrialization, primary health care,social investment,security and welfare and all other sectors and issues that needs the presence of government for survival and healthy growth will not in any way be overlooked.

My dear good people of Borno, we have come a long way picking up from our pieces from the tragedy of insurgency we encounter.Never in our history had we such a monumental catastrophe but collectively with the aid of good leadership we can turn things around for better as clearly observed in the tireless efforts of His Excellency Alh. Kashim Shettima.Thus, the 2019 general elections is fast approaching and that will be a deciding Point to vote for a leader who is gallantly ready to employ the LEGACIES OF KASHIM SHETTIMA as both a springboard  and flying wings to bring the needed development.I count on your support and cooperation.Thank You.

Long Live Borno State.

Long Live The Federal Republic Of Nigeria.


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