Abba Kyari defrauds Bako Waziri in contract scam


Explosive Video: Abba Kyari, President Buhari’s Chief Of Staff Implicated In Massive Corruption Scandal


By now, most people know that , President ’s Chief of Staff, defrauded his own nephew by the name of Bako Waziri Kyari of N300,725,000 (three hundred million seven hundred and twenty five thousand Naira) and caused him—and a police officer friend of his who wanted to help him– to be arrested, detained, humiliated, and intimidate by operatives of the Department of Security Services (DSS) for demanding that he be paid his money. The money was for a contract to supply 15 Toyota Hilux vehicles for the Presidency (itself evidence of blatant  and abuse of due process), which his nephew executed but for which he wasn’t paid because greedy and corrupt  “cornered” the money all to himself using a front.

After losing my wife in 2010 and my dad in 2016, I thought I had lost the capacity to cry over anything again. But after watching the viral video of the “Brekete Family” program of August 31, 2018 where the viewer is scandalized with troubling revelations of Abba Kyari’s eye-watering fraud and soulless treachery against his own blood relative, I lost it.

I didn’t know when tears started rolling down my cheeks when the police officer narrated how hooded DSS operatives invaded his home, slammed his two-year-old child on the ground, and whisked him away blindfolded and without shoes. Bako Waziri Kyari, whom Abba Kyari defrauded of millions of naira, couldn’t hold back tears, hard as he tried. In , men are culturally socialized to be stoic, to not betray emotions, to not cry in public. This is even more so for law enforcement officers who are trained to be tough and stern. But the police officer, a DSP, broke down in tears at various points in his recapitulation of the horrendous fraud and jungle justice Abba Kyari inflicted on him. (Watch the video  section below).

The evil, conscienceless villainy of Abba Kyari is just a tip of the unprecedentedly mind-boggling corruption, abuse of power, and debauchery of the Buhari presidency, details of which we will only know when Buhari’s presidency expires. Of course, nothing will come out of this revelation. When the same Abba Kyari took half a billion Naira bribe from MTN to help the telecom company mitigate the more than one trillion Naira fine imposed on it by the Nigerian Communications Commission, Buhari looked the other way, like he always does when people in his inner circle are caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

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