Borno Oracle recommends Attorney General, party stakeholders say no


Borno Oracle recommends Attorney General, party stakeholders say no 

Abubakar Ellakkawi

Reports reaching us shows that the oracle that has been guiding and nominating political nominees in Borno state has spoken.It was revealed that the Oracle which is being controlled by an entity simply known as Empire has been instrumental in the emergence of Governor Kashim Shettima as governor in 2011.This time around the Oracle picked the name of the Borno State Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Barrister Kaka Shehu Lawan as the most suitable and best person to fly the flag of the APC in the 2019 gubernatorial election.

Barrister Kaka Shehu Lawan used to be the godson of Senator Bakaka Garbai who has been eyeing Government House since 2015.Now that Empire’s Oracle has pointed to him,he has fallen out of favor with his benefactor.Observers say that one of his strongest points is that he is fearless and courageous.Although a close confidant of Gov. Shettima,it is not certain if the Gov. Shettima will anoint him as his successor.It is also a fact that personalities like Sen. Kyari ,Sen. Garbai and even his colleagues like Hon. Adamu Lawan will not agree to submit to him.The Borno Elders Forum had also expressed their dissatisfaction with the choice of young chaps as governor in Borno state.

It is public knowledge that personalities like Hon. Adamu Lawan, Prof.Umara Zullum,Senators Abu Kyari and Bakaka Garbai,Umar Alkali Nasko and Dr.Mohammed Abba Aji have shown interest in contesting for the governorship of Borno state under the APC. This is because many of them reckoned that securing the APC ticket is tantamount to winning the election because the PDP and other parties are practically in a coma in Borno state.

However party stakeholders and other members of Governor Shettima’s kitchen cabinet kicked against the recommendation and nomination of Hon. Lawan as the next gubernatorial candidate. Many of them have made it clear that they will not support Hon Lawan or abandon their gubernatorial ambitions because they feel better qualified and acceptable to the public.

A close confidant of Gov. Shettima who spoke to us in confidence said that, “His Excellency’s inability to identify and groom a worthy successor after 7 years shows that something is wrong with us as a party.Now we are being confronted with a latent internal crisis that can destroy the party.I see no reason why the will of the people of Borno should be decided by a single individual simply because the Governor reveres him.”


Empire, the reigning Borno Oracle popularly known as Kafi gwamna

Babagoni Ibrahim,a political commentator based in Maiduguri siad that, “It is very unfortunate that a mere oracle is what the APC stakeholders are relying on to determine the next governor of Borno state.If this is true,then I will say sorry to Borno state.We must allow the people to determine who they want to lead them. Yes,we are all aware of the fact that one Empire has hijacked the entire machinery of government in Borno state. Commissioners and top government functionaries bow to him even though he holds no any political post.”

Security analysts warned that for elections to be peaceful,party members and stakeholders need to see that party primaries are transparent for all contenders to know that justice has been done.If the APC in Borno fails to conduct transparent primaries for a credible candidate to emerge and instead go on to rely on the opinion of a mere oracle,the election may end being bloody and this can’t be allowed to happen in a post insurgency Borno.

Although Barr. Lawan,unlike people like Sen. Garbai and others doesn’t have any case to answer with the EFCC,observers say that his affinity with the local vigilante known as CJTF because of the involvement of some few bad eggs amongst them in helping and aiding terrorists.The recent arrest made by the Police is gradually exposing many members of the CJTF as collaborators with the insurgents.
One thing the Governor needs to do is to be neutral and impartial to his fellow party members and leaders.

Watch out for our next hardcopy edition to get a full report on Empire and his grip on Borno politics



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