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Boom! Boom!! Boom!!! It’s the sound of blasts and lives lost. Echo
sounding with madrigal of terror, horror and of sorrow. Such melody of
souls sprouting out of bodies.

Blood! Blood!! Blood!!! A dreadful fluid of the dead and the almost
dead. Swingeing in rage and languishing in anguish languidly.

Tears! Tears!! Tears!!! A fluid of untold sorrow and agony unbearable.
Gushing out of the broken eyes of the bereaved.

Tales of gruesome evidence of human sacrifice and the grimy task of
burying a plethora of bodies whose souls were separated. Measures of
satisfaction derived by the scary shadows of human figure and the
hypothetical protectors.

Macabre; the plague taking over my Home of Peace, where dogs with
serrated gnashing teeth are chasing and eating lions. An artificial
curse, by the selfish brats with their deceit in camouflagry and their
vile torturism of innocent civilians. Breaking, eking, and aching for
the silence only the guns of these brats could bring.


Muhammad Al-Bashir is a Poet, Prosetrist, Blogger and a Freelance
Writer. He is very vibrant, dynamic and a prolific writer whose
passion for knowledge is unquenchable. His interest lies mainly in
poetry and prosetry. A graduate of University of Maiduguri, Nigeria.
Where he studied Soil Science. He owns the Writers’ club known as
‘‘MunnBash Pioneer’’. Muhammad Al-Bashir lives in the City of Lagos
with his parents and siblings. In his spare time he reads a lot and
writes with ecstatic passion.


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