Errors Of The Crusaders – Poem from a reader


Poem Written By: Muhammad Al-bashir

I feel the urge to
Let you know about
your gracelessness and
how much you’ve gone astray

You started by killing
Scholars who held the right
doctrine and you took many
lives as if you were licenced

You slain and decapitate
fellows sacrilegeously and
Jealously. You burnt down
schools, you kidnap for ransom.

And snatch vehicles from
people who had done nothing
but still struggle to eke out from
all the risk you posed them to.

You kidnap little girls
You used your bodies as weapon,
molesting and raping them. Even pigs
envy you. Subhana! what religion is this.

All your actions hurts
Islam. You disappoint
The real propagators
Of our faith and made

The promoters of
Islamophobia celebrate as
They delibrate to give more
bad name to what’s peaceful

Oh my God, why have
you choose to remain
Arrogant and ignorant
About your gracelessness

Drop your swords
And guns. For there is
never a victory in destruction
or any of it kind. So drop it

Oh Lord deliver us from
error and guide us to the
right path. Not the path of
those You lay your curse upon.

Excerpt from an unpublished manuscript
Muhammad Al-bashir


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  1. Lawan umar lawan on

    Your Comment:Alhamdulillah I appreciate the author of this book who work hard to elaborate on what people of northeast have gone through in the hands of Boko Haram who claims to spoiled the name of islam.

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