Dr. M.K Dikwa, A Perfect Gentleman


In search of a Perfect Gentleman

 This is a poem written by Dr. Ibrahim Kida to celebrate the arrival of a set of twins to the family of Dr. M.K Dikwa who was described as a perfect gentleman by the writer in this poem.It is good to note that Dr. Dikwa is now regarded by all and sundry,friends as well as foes,the poor and the rich,the educated and the illiterate in Borno state, as a perfect gentleman.There is at the moment a  general appeal from the public for the man to contest the governorship of Borno.He has however refused.

In the darkest night I stand only the whizzing of my soul I can hear

I traveled in the deepest heart of the world almost touching the North Pole

I sank in the deepest part of the ocean nearing the melting heat of the earth core

I climbed the sky beneath the hemisphere surviving without clean breathing oxygen

I was deceived by my thought that never ever will I see a perfect gentle man


Here I come across a man who is compared to statue of liberty

A man innocent as the wandering fish at sea

A man of devotion who prays like the next second will never come

A faultless man whose heart feels in bliss only when others have it

A brave man who’s yearning swings to quench the quest of humanity


He is admonished by all treasured by all and loved by all

He never reneges or says what he cannot fulfils

He never betrays any trust bestowed on him

He never lies of what he has no knowledge

He rides on a straight path of those who God favors


He is a friend to all and hates to wear cloth calibrated of arrogance

He is divinely just among his family whom he keeps in afflux of heaven on earth

He is faultless and harmless even in the eyes of his polygamous stunning spouses

He is most adored by his virtuous children who are emulative of his character

He is on a rank difficult to climb amongst most men of benevolence


A perfect gentle man whose love for his parent in living has no limit and distinction

A perfect gentle whose love for his family is non comparable to any human

A perfect gentle man whose heart trembles to see his friends contented

A perfect gentle man whose desire is satisfied only when is neighbours are happy unharmed

A perfect gentle man whose mind is fervent when the weak is strong the needy is needless and the poor is contended


A man I now found who is undeniably favoured by the supreme

A man who is trustworthy and incomparably knowledgeable

A man who is unchallengeably generous and fateful

A man who is indisputably dedicated and modest

A man who is unthinkably distinct and reserve among his equals


Here is a fearless gentle man who sleeps in the arms of the enemy unhurt

Like an innocent child playing with the tigers tail

Like the baby who is abandoned in the python’s hub

Like a harmless wounded soldier forsaken at the enemies camp

Like a baby born when the vessels sank and floating on a storm wavy ocean


No wonder he is blessed and protected by the will of his creator the most powerful

No wonder he is defended by the glory of the almighty that seat on an indescribable throne

No wonder he is fed from the sanctified treasures of the all giver and taker

No wonder He is blessed with three daughters assuring him the garden of endless bliss


What a true Perfect Gentleman- Mohammed Kyari Dikwa, (mni) indescribably by words and actions

Bless is he whose patience and steadfastness vindicates viciousness

Bless is he who puts all his affairs in the hand of his Creator

Bless is who strappingly believe the omnipotent is the only giver and taker

So will be interminable favours of the owner of the universe unto his progeny.

-Dr M. I. Kida-


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  1. Yoosuf Parakkal on

    A very apt description of this gentleman. May Allah bless him and his entire family with love, peace and prosperity.

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